When your texting someone and you’re smiling at your phone and then you notice people staring at you and realize you probably look like an idiot

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Anonymous: what do you major in at college?


bad puns and self deprecation


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I forgot my headphones but there’s a guy sitting near me playing punk rock on his laptop! Thanks bud I appreciate your good taste in music

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Every single day that I’m at school when I’m sitting in the halls between classes this one kid walks by me with his friends and says hi to me even though I don’t know him at all and I have no idea why he started doing it but now I’m just used to it lol

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Can I go home yet

Best ever name for a mystery bookstore.

I need to take a shower and our heat isn’t working and it’s abnormally cold today for this time of year


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when you over-hear a joke in someone else’s conversation and accidentally laugh out loud


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"bear with me," i say

i have a bear with me. i want everyone to know

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Umbrellas Street, Portugal.


"so how is school going?"


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Turn ons: common sense

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